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Air Conditioner Advice, Tips and Quick Fixes

We have come across quite a few air conditioner tips and guidance over the course of our research at Best Air Conditioner Reviews. The two biggest complaints with air conditioners is either associated with lack of performance or excessive noise or rattling. Here we have amassed those good tidbits of general advice and air conditioner tips to help your unit reach its peak performance and ensure it keeps quiet while keeping you cool while keeping in good repair.

If you know of any advice or technique not touched on here, please pass it on! We are always happy to hear any and all additional air conditioner tips from our readers and will offer up any good advice we haven't yet heard.

  • Do not block airflow on both inside or outside portions of the unit.
  • Install the Air conditioner on the shadier side of your room/space. This will help provide more effective heat exchange and will reduce your long term costs of operation.
  • Believe it or not some air conditioner tips will actually have you out in the garden! External shading with foliage such as trees or plants or with awnings and other structural overhangs reduce the workload on the any air conditioner. This is primarly important on the southern side of your home. If making a fresh planting or landscape, try and use deciduous trees on this side so that you can still receive the sun's warmth in the Winter months.
  • Proper insulation and weather stripping in or around your installation area/ greater home area is crucial. If you are using a window unit, it's a good idea to attach weather stripping around the unit at all points where the unit meets your window and where the flaps meet the sides of your window frame. Good weather stripping is cheap, easy to apply (some are magnetic!), and can be found at any hardware store. And as an added benefit, it will reduce vibration too - Without a doubt this is one of our favorite air conditioner tips!
  • The industry-standard accordion side flaps are only made out of thin plastic and do not do a good job of insulating the indoors from the out. This will cause your air conditioner to work harder and longer than it needs to. A quick and cheap fix to this is to cut some insulation foam to size and wedge it in the gaps on either side of the unit. This can also be done with some plexiglass if you want to reclaim some of your view, but it won't insulate as well as the foam. This is one of those air conditioner tips that is a quick fix that will save you dollars in the long run!
  • Set your unit upright for at least 6 hours before turning it on for the first time. A great deal of efficiency relies on a properly operating compressor and it is proper lubrication that makes efficient operation possible. If an air conditioner is stored on its side or top, the lubricant will run out of the compressor, and this needs time to return and redistribute. If only you are certain it was properly stored and shipped, would this does not apply.
  • If your window air conditioner tips or sits at an angle and it does not include a mounting kit, it may have problems expelling condensate from the system or run louder than it should. Using simple wedge-shaped wooden shims will solve this problem very cheaply.
  • Close the fireplace damper and any floor heating registers to prevent cool air loss up the chimney or down into your ductwork.
  • Try to use heat-producing appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and dryers during the cooler parts of the day, if at all possible.
  • Draw your blinds during the day or when you are away if possible in order to reduce the amount of latent heat when you return.
  • Always ensure the filter is clean. Some units have filter sensors that will indicate when a filter should be checked or cleaned. A clean filter will improve air flow, which in turn will improve efficiency as well as overall effectiveness.
  • Don't forget to change the filter on your central air conditioner's air handler or on the blower unit for your furnace! Again, some units will have filter sensors that will indicate when it's dirty, but in general a standard 1" filter should be changed about every 3-4 months, and 5" 'media-box' filters every 12 months, though these figures are greatly dependent on usage levels, of course.
  • If you have a central air unit, don't be afraid to remove the top and wipe down the fan blades, remove any leaves or debris and hose any dirt off the paneling and condenser. Be sure to avoid getting any electrical equipment wet!
  • If you are experiencing decreased airflow from your central air conditioner, chances are you have a leak in the ductwork. You can find the problem by closing off your registers to create greater backpressure in the ducts and feeling over joints to identify any escape points. Generally speaking, duct tape is really only adequate for temporary installations. In the case of more permanent applications it actually breaks down rather easily, causing leaks and loss of efficiency. It is recommended to use mastics (viscous, sealing compounds that you paint over or inject into any gaps or joints that need sealing). The bond is permanent, flexible, wont break down and is almost guar-anteed not to leak.
  • A great many of these air conditioner tips were born out of people's frustration with a system that performed less than adequately. Take a look at our Best Air Conditioners section for a breakdown of how we rate and review air conditioners and then check out some of our our review content to make sure you don't end up sweaty and unsatisfied!
  • As metioned earlier, if you have any air conditioner tips we haven't brought up, please, let us know!

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