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Casement Window Air Conditioners

A Solution For Home Owners With Casement Windows!
Casement Window Air Conditioners are a great option for people living with casement windows. Instead of relying on portable air conditioners to cool an area, people with casement windows can rely on these uniquely designed air conditioners to help cool them off.

Keep in mind that since regular Window Air Conditioners are wide, they will not fit in casement and slider windows. Also, a standard window unit looks to the top window frame for most of its support- something a casement window cannot provide.

Luckily, casement window air conditioners will not only fit in a casement window, but they should come with a vertical window mounting kit, to help install and support the air conditioner in your window frame. Whether you are looking to install an air conditioner in your wall or window, please make sure you measure the area you will install the unit.

As a word of caution, do not attempt to install a standard window air conditioner into your casement window by inserting it on its side. This can directly affect the drainage paths designed in the unit which can be hazardous.

It is important to realize that since casement window air conditioners are not as readily available as other types of air conditioners like standard window air conditioners, you will be paying a premium for the unique design. That said, the buyer will not be losing out on much of the functionality available with today's window air conditioners.

Frigidaire, in particular, manufactures a couple of casement window air conditioners ready to be installed in your casement window home. Some of these units, like the Frigidaire FAK104R1V, are Energy Star rated, and are just as technologically advanced as there window air conditioner cousins.

The Frigidaire 104R1V is rated admirably on Amazon, with consumers happy with its quick installation and ability to cool their homes. Marketed as an air conditioner able to cool up to 500 square feet, some reviews claim this casement window air conditioner can cool off even bigger areas. Overall, buyers of the FAK104R1V believe it is one of the best air conditioners for casement windows.

If you're looking for more power, the 12000 BTU version of a Frigidaire casement window air conditioner is the FAK124R1V. This unit is not Energy Star qualified, but comes with a full remote control, electronic controls, and a 24 on/off timer.

Reviews for the Frigidaire FAK124R1V air conditioner have been favorable, with the unit currently getting 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. People are happy with the quick installation and with how quickly it can cool down their home.

If you are concerned that your window air conditioner is not getting the support it needs, this highly rated, heavy dut Window Support Kit Air Conditioner bracket may be just what you are looking for.

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