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Frigidaire Air Conditioners

Innovators of the Window Air Conditioner.
Frigidaire air conditioners are one of most widely available brands of air conditioner on the market today.

Frigidaire, originally the Guardian Frigerator Company, has been in existence since 1916. General Motors made note of the company and bought it out in 1918, which at the time was primarily selling refrigerators.

Overtime, Frigidaire expanded its business to cover several home appliances, and the company claims to have helmed many firsts in the appliance industry, including the first air cooled, window air conditioner.

Nowadays, Frigidaire is run by Electrolux, and the company specializes in window air conditioners and windowless, built in air conditioners.

Coming in a wide array of sizes and BTU strength, most Frigidaire models should come equipped with these features:

  • Electronic Controls
  • Multi-Step Fan
  • Sleep Mode
  • Antibacterial Filter

Several Frigidaire air conditioners are energy star rated, so we try to recommend these units since they are the more efficient ones.

Frigidaire air conditioners are continually top sellers in their field at Amazon and several are reviewed very highly by their owners. Below are a few examples of some of the more praised units.

Frigidaire Air Conditioners- Popular Window Models

Currently on the market there are several Frigidaire air conditioners to choose from. Here are a handful of the most popular and highly rated units.

At the time we are reporting this, the Frigidaire FAX052P7A is the best selling air conditioner on Amazon. With 5,000 BTU cooling capacity, the unit can cool rooms up 150 square feet in size. And at this price point, this could be the perfect air conditioner to cool a dorm room or small bedroom.

Owners seem to agree that this unit gives the most bang for your buck. The only real complaint is that it can be noisy, but this is overlooked due to how great of a job it does cooling off a room.

For bigger jobs, the Frigidaire FAM18ER2A will probably do the trick with its 18,500 BTU. With a 24 hour on-off timer and variable speed fan, this air conditioner can cool up to 1170 square feet of space.

When compared to similar units, owners note how this Frigidaire Air Conditioner is much smaller and quieter. It currently has five stars on Amazon with everyone agreeing it does its job to keep you frosty during those hot, sticky months.

Best of all, this unit also doubles as a heater, so it can be of use when the seasons change. Some other things about this Frigidaire unit that stand out are its low voltage start-up, and its ability to dehumidify at 5-1/2 pints per hour.

Frequently reviewed, the Frigidaire FAA055P7A is a compact window air conditioner with 5,200 BTU. Energy Star qualified, this product comes equipped with multiple settings including cool, energy saver and fan mode.

The FAA055P7A also comes with a clean air button, turning on an air purifier within the unit.

Reviews are mostly positive, with users recommending it for smaller rooms.

Other Best Air Conditioner Reviews on Frigidaire Brand Products

Frigidaire FAA055P7A - A Small, But Fully Featured Favorite The Frigidaire FAA055P7A is a small window unit that can cool a space of about 120 square feet.

Frigidaire FAA065P7A - A Solid and Inexpensive Unit, With a Few Issues The Energy Star Rated Frigidaire FAA065P7A is a compact window air conditioner capable of cooling a space of roughly 200 square feet.

Frigidaire FAA086P7A - A Capable But Noisy Machine The Frigidaire FAA086P7A is an 8,000 BTU window air conditioner capable of cooling rooms of about 500 square feet.

Frigidaire FAC106P1A - Surprisingly Quieter Than a Smaller Unit The Energy Star Rated Frigidaire FAC106P1A is a 10,000 BTU air conditioner capable of cooling a space of around 475 square feet.

Frigidaire FAC124P1A - A Ton of Cooling in a Compact Size A favorite among reviewers, the Frigidaire FAC124P1A is inexpensive when compared to other brands at this capacity.

Frigidaire FAC126P1A - A Few Extra Features For 'Free' The Energy Star Rated Frigidaire FAC126P1A is a 12,000 BTU unit that shows small improvements over the Frigidaire FAC124P1A.

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