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GE Air Conditioners

Keeping Rooms Cold Since The Room Air Conditioner Was Invented.

GE Air Conditioners have been part of the GE brand for quite some time now. With a focus on keeping rooms cold, General Electric's output of room air conditioners that fit into your wall or window have been steady ever since they introduced the first room air conditioner.

The 4th most recognized brand name in the world, we would bet money that something in your home is made by General Electric (GE). The company started by Thomas Edison has its hands in nearly everything nowadays. Their home appliance business is enormous and has been around for over a century. The economic downturn in 2007 hit GE particularly bad, and there as been talks of the company selling off their appliance business which manufactures their line of room air conditioners.

Luckily for the consumer, these hard times have also inspired the U.S. government to act and help stimulate the appliance business. The U.S. has set aside $300 million of the stimulus package rewarding consumers who purchase energy efficient air conditioners that qualify.

There are primarily two types of GE air conditioners on the market today:

As a whole, GE strives for their appliances to be energy efficient. Their efforts were recognized in 2009 when they received the Energy Star Award for sustained excellence.

In addition to several of their air conditioners carry the Energy Star rating, GE room air conditioners come in at many different price point, but most are affordable.

GE Window Air Conditioner

Just like other window air conditioners, GE air conditioners are portable and designed to fit in traditional style windows. They also come with a proprietary 'EZ-mount' installation kit to help install the unit in your window.

Ranging from 5200 BTU to 25,200 BTU, there are several GE Window Air Conditioners to choose from. Several are Energy Star rated and some even have heating capabilities.

GE Wall Air Conditioner (Windowless Air Conditioner)

With the ability to keep your windows shut while cooling your home, through the wall air conditioners are directly installed into a wall in your home.

General Electric Air Conditioners- Best Air Conditioner Reviews

Below is a sampling of some of the higher rated GE room air conditioners that we've found.

GE 5000 BTU Air Conditioner includes a remote control and is ideal for cooling a small area. This GE air conditioner includes electronic controls that allows for the user to program when it will turn on and off. The unit include a one year limited warranty and should be easy to install in the appropriate window.

Reviews of the unit have been positive with people noting how well it works on cooling a small room and doing so quietly. The economy mode functionality is also explained as a great benefit as well as the ability to set the sleep timer.

GE ASD06LK 6,000 BTU Air Conditioner- With electronic controls and an electronic thermostat, this window air conditioner is easy to operate. Best for small rooms, this unit has an EER of 10.8 and is Energy Star rated.

This air conditioner also includes 3 fan speed selections and a 24 hour timer, allowing the user to modify its performance according to their specific needs.

Online, owners of this product have commented on its high quality. The thermostat is accurate and the unit is particularly quiet. Owners of this GE Window Air Conditioner have also noted its energy efficiency.

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GE AEM14AM - Big, Different and Efficient but Expensive The GE AEM14AM is an Energy Star Rated wall air conditioner and the largest capacity 115V unit that GE currently offers that plugs into a standard wall outlet.

GE AEM12AM - Great Value if You're Going Big The GE AEM12AM is an Energy Star Rated wall air conditioner that can cool an area of about 550 Square feet.

GE AEM10AM - Energy Savings that Actually Add Up! The GE AEM10AM is an Energy Star Rated Window air conditioner with a 10,500 BTU capacity.

GE AEQ10AM - An Agrument for Energy Efficiency This window air conditioner has a 10,000 BTU capacity and shares the full features as the other models in this line.

GE AEM08FM - Bigger Capacity Coupled with Good Value The GE AEM08FM is a fixed chassis system that, while weighing in at 54 pounds can be easily window mounted with the included EZ Mount Window Kit.

.GE AEQ06LM - Is No Energy Star Rating Such a Bad Thing? The AEQ06LM is slightly smaller than the AEM06LM, in overall height depth and width, yet this translates to a mere 1 pound difference in the weights of the two systems.

.GE AEM06LM - What a Few More Bucks Can (And Can't) Get You The GE AEM06LM is a capable system that performs well, and while it has the Energy Star rating, its lofty price tag makes this system one of the more expensive among its peers

GE ASM06LK - Good Value that May be Hard to Find While the GE ASM06LK is small in size we were pleased to find it was big on features and value.

GE Wall Air Conditioner: Looking for a GE Air Conditioner wall ready? - A GE Wall Air Conditioner can be a great choice if you need to cool a room without a window able to hold an air conditioner. Better yet, a GE Air Conditioner wall ready would be a great purchase if you already have a wall sleeve in your wall to install a wall air conditioner.

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