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Haier Air Conditioners

Cooling Rooms All Around The World
Interested in Haier Air Conditioners? Haier is a global company that was formed in China back in 1984.
Starting as the remains of a fledgling refrigeration business deep in debt, CEO Zhang Ruimin steered Haier to success.

Currently Haier is China's top manufacturer of home appliance goods, including refrigerators, televisions, and air conditioners. Haier is also the 4th largest white goods (large electrical home appliances) manufacturer in the world.

Haier is a relatively new competitor in the United States, with their US branch opening in 1999. In terms of air conditioning, the Haier air conditioner branch in the U.S primarily manfactures different types of Hair window air conditioners and Haier portable air conditioners. Many are Energy Star rated, and some are even designed to fit in a casement window.

Haier air conditioners also feature an interesting new line of "Eco-Conditioner" air conditioners. These Haier air conditioners are described as some of the most environment friendly units available on the market today. Created with eco-conscious materials, purifies the air in your home by removing allergens and dust, but operates using chemicals that have minimal effect on the ozone.

There are also several portable Haier Air Conditioners on the market today. Ranging from 7000BTU to 12000BTU, these Haier air conditioners provide the standard fare of benefits Portable units typically provide, with some having heat functionality. A few of the models, like the CPR10XC6 include a dehumidifying function, which can be very helpful in areas like the North East during those harsh summer months.

Haier- Some Best Air Conditioner Reviews

Haier 7000 BTU Commercial Cool Portable Air Conditioner- One of the most reviewed and highest reviewed air conditioning products sold on The Haier 7000 BTU Commercial Cool Portable Air Conditioner is ideal for a smaller room in need of chilling. Noteworthy features include a 24 on/off timer and an auto evaporative function, meaning you will rarely have to tend to the unit.

The reviews on the unit are favorable, with people praising how great of a job it does cooling. People have reported it being easy to install, and have noted how efficient it is, especially when compared to how affordable this Haier unit is. Check out our full blown review on this winner.

The Haier 10000 BTU Window Air Conditioner can cool larger size rooms the likes of 350 square feet. Packed with a fully functional remote control, you'll be able to operate this air conditioner’ from anywhere in the room.

For this price at 10000 BTU, you’ll be hard pressed finding a better deal for this amount of power. Owners agree, with the current rating at at 4 stars (out of 5.) Aside from doing a great job keeping the room icy cold, owners of this Haier product tend to agree that it is considerably quiet when it operates.

The Haier 7800 BTU Energy Star Rated Window Air Conditioner will effectively cool down a nice sized room while at the same time keep your electric bill at a reasonable level. With an EER of 10.8, this unit has completely electronic controls and a 24 on/off timer.

Owners are surprised at how cheap it is to run this room air conditioner, and love its programming ability. Oh yeah, it also does a great job making your living room feel like a walk-in freezer!

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