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Kenmore Air Conditioners

Made for Sears Air Conditioners
Kenmore Air Conditioners are sold by stores run by the Sears Holding Corporation.
The Kenmore brand, exclusive to Sears, is produced by a collection of different companies, including Electrolux, Whirlpool, and Panasonic.

Kenmore stands as the number one competitor in the appliance industry today. Kenmore air conditioners come ranked highly, and are backed by a strong history of quality products made with the Kenmore Brand.

Kenmore predominantly produces window air conditioners. These window air conditioners range in power and presentation, with the ability to cool one room or several, and with some designed to fit special needs. Some of these special needs that some Kenmore air conditioners fulfill include air conditioners with heating ability and units designed to fit within casement windows.

At the time of this writing, Kenmore air conditioners on the market range from 5,000 BTUs to 24,500 BTUs. Several units in the Kenmore air conditioner line are Energy Star rated, and more are equipped with newer technology, including electronic controls.

Below is a sample of some of the best Kenmore air conditioners on the market, with review summaries from what has been posted on the Sears website.

Kenmore Air Conditioner Reviews

The Energy Star rated, Kenmore 12,000 Btu Multi Room Air Conditioner is currently the top selling air conditioner at Sears. With an energy efficiency rating of 10.8, this window air conditioner comes packed with electronic controls for ease of use, and quick mount installation for ease of setup. The unit also includes a thermostat so you can set the temperature of your room, much like you would with a central air conditioner.

The product is strongly reviewed at, with most consumers satisfied with their purchase. Buyers tend to agree that this Kenmore unit is very powerful and reasonably quiet for what its worth. People also note how efficient this Kenmore air conditioner is since it is Energy Star rated.

Complaints can be found regarding the installation process. For such a lightweight unit, people have noted difficulty getting the window air conditioner into their window. Some buyers have also complained of the cheap quality of the unit.

Aside from that though, this is the bestseller at Sears for air conditioners. For the price, you get a powerful multi-room air conditioner that is also energy efficient. Have a look here for more insightful reviews.

Looking for a cheap air conditioner, that doesn't skimp on cooling you off? The Kenmore 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner may be just what you need!

This is a basic, low profile Sears brand Kenmore air conditioner for your window that does not break the bank. It is a small air conditioner, and as buyers have mentioned, does a surprisingly good job cooling which it does quietly.

Most reviews at are 5 stars, with people doting how powerful this cheap air conditioner is.

At Best Air Conditioner Reviews, we are very impressed with the amount of reviews for this Sears Air Conditioner. However, we must note that is not Energy Star efficient nor does it have electronic controls. The mechanical controls are very basic and do not have many of the bells and whistles that other models have today. If luxury controls are not a requirement though, and you are looking for a small air conditioner that actually works, this may be your best air conditioner.

This Sears Air Conditioner made by Kenmore is a top seller at Sears.

Other Best Air Conditioner Reviews on Kenmore Brand Products

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Kenmore 75051 - A Small and Compact Energy Star Rated Unit with a Few Flaws The Kenmore 75051 is another small fully featured, small, single-room window unit that is a favorite among consumers. The bad news is that while this is a capable unit, it falls short by a hair when compared to its peers.

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