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The Smallest Window Air Conditioner Available?

Perhaps, but Definitely one of the Best!

So you want the smallest window air conditioner you can find – so small you’ll even forget you even own a room ac unit to begin with. Luckily, we’ve found a small window air conditioner that should perfectly fit your needs.

When we say small, we mean REALLY small. Like, smallest window air conditioner small!

The LG LP6000ER Low Profile Window Air Conditioner is packed with 6000 BTU and can cool areas around 200 square feet. What really sets this LG Air Conditioner apart from similar air conditioners is its low profile. This window air conditioner will not take your entire window view, and its stylish design makes it one of the prettiest air conditioners on the market. Is it the smallest window air conditioner? Debatable – but the people love this compact air conditioner!

If there are really any common complaints about the LG LP6000ER, its due to this air conditioner being a bit noisy to some. This is subjective to what people consider noisy though, and other reviews have praised this smallest window air conditioner on being quiet. People appreciate how powerful this unit is compared to how small it looks.

You will pay a premium for the LG LP6000ER Air Conditioner, mainly because of its design . Unique to other air conditioners, it is an aesthetically pleasing air conditioner that requires minimal window space. Reviews gush about how effective this smallest air conditioner is at cooling owners homes. If you are looking to cool off a small area of space, you really cannot go wrong with this LG Air Conditioner. The LG LP6000ER is one of the better window air conditioners on the market today.

Do you own the LG LP6000ER? Or do you think we are wrong and the LG air conditioner is the not the smallest window air conditioner available? Take a moment and send us your reviews and comments. We’d love to hear from you!!

Capacity and Efficiency Control and Usability
BTU 6000 BTU Fan 3 fan speeds, 3 cooling speeds
Type Cooling Controls Digital,with remote
EER 10.8 Filter Type Slide Out Access
Energy Star Yes Timer 12 Hour On/Off Timer
Chassis Type Fixed Automatic Thermostat Yes, Electronic
Power Usage and Warranty Dimensions
Volts 110 Height 12"
Cool Amps 5.2 width 23.6"
Cool Watts ~600 Depth 18"
Heat Amps Not Applicable Min Opening Height 14"
Heat Watts Not Applicable Min/Max Opening Width 26"/39.4"
Warranty 2 yr Parts and Labor/ 5 yr on compressor Weight 62 lbs.

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The Smallest Window Air Conditioner? Perhaps, but Definitely One of the Best - So you want the smallest window air conditioner you can find – so small you’ll even forget you even own a room ac unit to begin with. Luckily, we’ve found a small window air conditioner that should perfectly fit your needs.


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