GE Motor Model YGN61-6B 220v-60Hz Fla.0.52A LRA. 071A Zhejiang Jeamo Motor Co., Ltd

by mario r. ferraren
(ozamis city, philippines)

Our family acquired this unit on June 1969 after my father, a logger, had to be bedridden after a tree fell on his head on that kept him paralyzed breast down for the rest of his life, following a 6-hour spinal operation. His room then had to be kept cool under a tropical climate to ease bedsore problems.

Four decades later when he passed away on April 13,1998, this unit has remained functioning and has so far outlived two generations of our general maintenance technicians. To date, I only use it during bedtime. Except for its dilapidated external parts that can no longer be replaced over time and the comparatively louder sound it bellows, the unit is on and off and for as long as you will it. My relatives and friends just find it truly amazing!

I intend to replace it soon but keep it for posterity for a mechanical life well-lived and well-served but has remained anonymous. It has remained a living testimony for such an enduring air conditioning unit indeed since my high school days and now with three kids and a grandchild since then.

In my household,it's GE products and no other. Thanks to this good old unit, three generations in the family are in to the same thing.

Amazingly GE!

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