HWRO8XC7 8,000 but window unit by Haier from kmart

by Tomcat
(Tucson Arizona)

Well In Arizona where you can spend over $400 a month to cool a home in the summer I decided to try the a few of these window units on sale at kmart for $108 each I bought 2.

First thing way too many people bitch about anything. This unit will cool off a south facing 3 rooms total 320 Sq Ft in about 10 miuntes.

The discharge from the unit is 35 to 40 degrees F!! The 3.5 ton monster we pay a fortune to run can only get down to about 55 to 60 F at the registers.

For the bedroom I adapted the window unit to sit outside the sliding glass door on a table this cuts the noice down to a wisper. I used flex duct to run to the discharge of the ac unit to pipe in cool air through large 3 inch holes I cut into a board that is just over 6 inches wide x the full height of the door this board seals to the sliding door very well. I use 4 each 3 inch diameter flex ducting to run the cool air into the 300 SQ Ft mater bedroom

The best part is the IR remote will turn off the AC right through the glass door so I never have to open the door to control the AC.

My hope in I will save over $1,000 this summer as these untis ar so cheap to run just under 2,000 watts ehach about the same as a hand held hair drier.

The best part is i can just throw these away when they wear out forget the $500 to $1,000 service calls to fix the 3.5 ton monster.

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